Seeing some of the Greats

The NSW Art Gallery has a beautiful collection on loan from the National Galleries of Scotland right now and I had been craving a shot of inspiration so I went down to check it out. I just got a new camera, one of the new mirror-less cameras from Sony and wanted to test it out.

Picked up some loot too :)

Picked up some loot too :)

Here are just a few of the fantastic pieces they had in The Greats exhibition:

The Art Gallery of NSW has such a wonderful permanent collection that I couldn't pass up going over some of my favorites. Here are some that I particularly enjoyed this time:

It's a wonderful inspiration to see such beautiful works of art! Reminders of what I'm working towards.

Making of ... Adolescence

I don't always approach each painting the same, but I thought to show a few photos of my process with different pieces starting with one of my more recent ones, Adolescence.

First the rough sketch idea, and the photo shoot with the lovely model Tori Rayn.

Then I do the drawing based on the reference and transfer it to tracing paper so I can play with the placement. Next I transfer the drawing from the tracing paper on to the board.

Time for the ugly under-painting. This time I chose to do it in oils. Plus one more layer to smooth it and even the tone. 

First pass on the face.

I wasn't confident with relying on my imagination for the lighting on the dragon, so I made a small maquette. These are for light reference only so I made a little cardboard wall behind it and shone a light through.

First pass on torso and first pass on dragon.


Legs and floor texture.

And after many details and a few glazes....the finished product :)


I had resolved to post a 2015 recap and a look at the year ahead before the New Year started, but that resolution was not to be. Still, better late than never, and as we come to the close of the first week of 2016, here's some milestones and accomplishments from 2015, and an overview of the year ahead and goals I hope to achieve.

2015 Milestones

  • Attended IlluXCon 8, my second IlluXCon so far, and I'm happy and relieved that it went even better than the year before. I was able to meet up with old friends and make a lot of new ones in the community.
  • Successfully completed my first Kickstarter project, Metal Etched Memories. So grateful for all of the backers for supporting my work. Working on that book and writing a story to accompany the narrative pictures I created was exciting and new.
  • Nominated for a Chesley Award, which I didn't win, but it was such an honor to be nominated and be in the company of some of the greats.
  • Fulfilled my first large international commissioned painting, Adolescence, which is available for viewing at I can't wait for everyone to be able to see it in person at IX9.
  • Was featured in the FXpose Traditional column of the November issue of ImagineFX magazine.
  • Had a greater presence on social media this year, including reaching over 600 followers on my Facebook art page, and also started an Instagram account to be able to reach a wider audience with art posts.
  • Was a guest on One Fantastic Week, my first live video interview. Had a great time chatting with Pete Mohrbacher and Sam Flegel at 2:00 am about art and life.
  • Relaunched using SquareSpace. And what a smooth and easy ride it's been making the changeover.

2016 - Looking ahead

While there were a lot of 'firsts' in 2015, the New Year is already shaping up to be more of the same. Some of the things I already have marked in the calendar are:

  • I Will take part in two gallery exhibitions this year. This will be the first time I exhibit in a gallery in the USA, and that I get to do it twice in one year is both exciting and mildly terrifying. I can't go into too many details about either exhibition yet, but rest assured that as soon as I can I will let you know the details.
  • One of the galleries that I will exhibit in is the Lovetts Gallery, which will also represent me in that State for future works. I'm very happy to join the ranks of so many other amazing artists that show their work at Lovetts.
  • I will attend IlluXCon 9, my third time attending. I'm so honored to be attending as one of the commissioned artists this year, in the company of the greats Thomas Kuebler, Donato Giancola, Jeff Easley, and Bob Eggleton.

2016 Resolutions

  • Fulfill all of the backer rewards for Metal Etched Memories, sending out the book, art prints, post cards and original art ink drawings and paintings to all of the backers. Starting off January with all of this to do has been great as it really feels like I'm kicking the year into high-gear right out of the gate.
  • While the book Metal Etched Memories will go out to backers this month, I have the rest of the print run to get into the hands of readers and art-lovers everywhere. Putting together a publicity campaign to get the word out will be a new and challenging endeavor.
  • I'm still contemplating the idea of putting together a recap series of blog posts on my Kickstarter project, to add to the already useful list of links from other Kickstarter veterans. I think some of the knowledge and experiences that came about from the project could help others in some way. More on that after the project is completed and the dust has settled. Maybe.
  • I plan to continue to make steady progress on another secret project I'm working on that I hope to unveil sometime later this year.
  • Be more active on social media and this blog. While social media is only one part of an overall strategy to raise my profile this year, I realize that it is still important, so look for weekly posts on this blog, as well as regular Facebook and Instagram updates on works in progress and just general news.
  • Do well in the upcoming exhibitions I will be a part of. I'm already hard at work on several new pieces for these shows, with more on the way. I can't wait to show you all the finished pieces once I'm able to.

Whew! If you've read this far, thank you. I don't think my weekly blog posts will be nearly as verbose. Speaking of weekly blog posts, look for those each Friday (that's Friday in Australia). I'll post more as situations warrant, but for now the resolution is a weekly Friday post. Thanks again for reading, and Happy New Year to you all!



Website Re-Design and Blog

With the new look of the site, I thought to add a blog where I can keep you updated with news and happenings from my artists' corner.

I've been doing prep for flying to IlluXcon a week from today, which involved framing and packing paintings, shipping one (I have planned to take the majority of paintings in a container on the plane with me for the first time), printing and preparing prints of my new work, etc.

I recommend not leaving prep for the last minute, but this year, life has gotten in the way and I am not nearly as organized as I'd like.

I got a super exciting email the other day inviting me to be a guest on the podcast One Fantastic Week live this coming Tuesday at 10am (CDT), which for me will be 2am, heh. The joys of living in Australia.

Check it out and see me there.