Website Re-Design and Blog

With the new look of the site, I thought to add a blog where I can keep you updated with news and happenings from my artists' corner.

I've been doing prep for flying to IlluXcon a week from today, which involved framing and packing paintings, shipping one (I have planned to take the majority of paintings in a container on the plane with me for the first time), printing and preparing prints of my new work, etc.

I recommend not leaving prep for the last minute, but this year, life has gotten in the way and I am not nearly as organized as I'd like.

I got a super exciting email the other day inviting me to be a guest on the podcast One Fantastic Week live this coming Tuesday at 10am (CDT), which for me will be 2am, heh. The joys of living in Australia.

Check it out and see me there.

Linda Adair