Making of ... Adolescence

I don't always approach each painting the same, but I thought to show a few photos of my process with different pieces starting with one of my more recent ones, Adolescence.

First the rough sketch idea, and the photo shoot with the lovely model Tori Rayn.

Then I do the drawing based on the reference and transfer it to tracing paper so I can play with the placement. Next I transfer the drawing from the tracing paper on to the board.

Time for the ugly under-painting. This time I chose to do it in oils. Plus one more layer to smooth it and even the tone. 

First pass on the face.

I wasn't confident with relying on my imagination for the lighting on the dragon, so I made a small maquette. These are for light reference only so I made a little cardboard wall behind it and shone a light through.

First pass on torso and first pass on dragon.


Legs and floor texture.

And after many details and a few glazes....the finished product :)